If you’re reading this you’re either:
A. concerned about your email address or other personal info getting into the wrong hands.
B. Curious about what I would write here.
C. Really, really, bored.

In any-case, I promise you: I will not give your personal information to anyone. I only ask for it for one of the following reasons:

  • Giving away free books or other items. (Who doesn’t love free stuff?)
  • Entering you in a contest or giveaway I’m running. (You can’t win if I don’t know where to send the prize.)
  • Sending you my newsletter, announcing my new book release, or other important info. (That’s fair, right?)

I will keep your email address in a secure list through MailChimp. I trust them with my info and I think you can too.

If at any time you decide you no longer want me to have your info, simply click “Unsubscribe” in any email and your contact info will be deleted. If you don’t have an email to click through, send me an email at MWinklerBooks@gmail.com and I will happily manually delete your info and the email you sent me.