My top 10 Author Goals

There are two kinds of goals:

  1. A goal you set which is important whether you reach it or not, because striving toward it pushes you forward in life, or whatever you’re working on. It can be an ultimate goal or a step toward one. It’s mostly utilitarian.
  2. A goal which marks a milestone or point of arrival in the overall journey. Something that you dance a little jig upon reaching (Or throw a full out party if it’s big enough). It’s mostly for fun.

Some goals fit in both categories. Last post I listed several goals as part of my plan for 2018. They were definitely of the first variety. I strive to reach them in hopes they will help my blog and author business be better. In this post I want to list a few goals that are equally important but more fun.

  • Reach 500 Twitter followers. I’m close to that now so after that I’m going for 1,000. Sound like an impossible amount to me now, but so did 100 back in February last year.
  • Have someone ask to interview me about my writing or being an author. I may reach this goal soon! (Shhh… Spoilers.)
  • Attend Comic Con as a panelist. Ok, now I’m reaching way too high. Like I said, these goals are more for fun. Plus, if you don’t aim high you may never reach it. This goal was inspired by seeing @veschwab and @amyknichols at the Phoenix Comic-Con last year. They were amazing. I had such fun and learned so much from them that I decided someday I wanted to give that kind of experience to others.
  • Walk into a bookstore and see my book… sitting there… on a shelf! I won’t even mind if it’s in the discount pile, just the fact that it’s in its natural environment, surrounded by other books.
  • Seeing my book listed in Amazon. Just as fun as the previous goal but a different flavor.
  • Having someone tell me I made them feel ALL the feels. >:)
  • Having someone tell me they couldn’t put my book down. Ok, let’s just generalize this and say anyone saying anything positive about my book. Bonus points if they’re a complete stranger.
  • Unexpectedly running into an ad for my book. Bonus points if I didn’t pay for said ad.
  • Be asked to do a book signing. When I heard that V. E. Schwab basically closed down Phoenix Comic-Con making sure all her fans waiting in line got signatures, I made a mental note to myself: That’s how you treat your readers. I’d love the opportunity to stay however long it takes to make sure no reader is turned away.

And the loftiest goal of all:

  • Writing something worthy of a fandom. I get such joy from fandoms, it would be amazingly satisfying for others to feel that way about what I write. Hey, I can dream, right?

Notice I haven’t mentioned money. There’s two reasons for this. First, these goals are for fun, money goals belong in the other category. Second, earning money is always a goal. Hey, a girl’s gotta eat, right? Point is, there are much easier ways of earning money than writing. Meeting these goals gives me emotional currency, something we could all use more of.

So what do you think? I’d love to hear some of your fun and/or lofty goals. Have you set goals like this and met them? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy reading/writing

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