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Book in progress:

Person writing notes. Links to my book page.

Dust on the Altar is my debut novel. I'm going through my first round of betas and am excited to publish sometimes late next year.



Here you can find txt versions of my writing Vlogs, updates on how my WIP is going, and more.

About Me

"Work" and "Life" on a balance scale. Links to the about me page.

I'm not just a writer, I'm a real person. Here's a bit about what I'm up to when I'm not working on my next book.



This year my friends and I are starting an event on Twitter for writers to pitch their stories to readers.

Check out my YouTube Channel for more!

Open notebook on old fashioned map. Links to Michelle Winkler's YouTube channel.

Favorite products, fellow writers, and lessons from my keyboard can all be found on my Vlog.

What's Up?


#ReadPit: Added a page explaining what it is and how you can participate and listing the founding members.

About: Added section for links to interviews, and guest blogs.


Networking: Links to other authors and my favorite writerly websites/services.

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