What is #ReadPit?

A Twitter event for brainstorming!

Do you wonder if your story idea would appeal to readers?

Do you need feedback on your story before pitching it to publishing houses?

Do you have too many ideas and too little time to invest in them all?

#ReadPit is an all day, all time zone, Twitter event to foster a sense of community and help readers and writers connect. It offers writers the opportunity to gauge reader interest in story ideas. 

This event is open to everyone. The inaugural event ran the entire day of July 18, 2019. We are planning on making it an annual or bi-annual event, so stay tuned.

  • Writers: Tweet out a pitch for your story idea with the hashtag #ReadPit. This can be an actual pitch, log line, synopsis, or story idea. Any stage of the process is welcome: finished book, outline, or just a vague idea.

  • Readers: Follow the hashtag #ReadPit and retweet or like the pitches you would want to read. Comment to ask questions, specify what you like best about it, or just offer encouragement to the writer.

So get those book ideas ready! We look forward to reading them.


#ReadPit's founding members:

Jennifer T. Jarrett


Courteney Levet


Megan Tennant


Krista Filomeno




Michelle Winkler