About Me


Michelle Winkler was convinced by her husband to live in the Arizona desert. While skeptical at first, she realized if she could survive hitch-hiking half way across country at 20 years old, spend eight years in the Navy, and raise two sons, as long as she had air-conditioning she'd probably be OK.

Since her move she's: started a veggie garden, learned how to shoot a bow, completed three associates degrees, and become a kayak enthusiast. However, she still hates to cook and will absolutely run screaming from the room at the first sight of a bug. Because bugs are evil. 

She's currently working on her debut novel, closely surpervised by an adorable Brittany (that's a dog) and his mini-me little sister (also a dog). She is most often found in the digital world on 

Twitter @mwinklerbooks

Instagram @mwinklerbooks

or YouTube Vlog at an-unbearibly-long-generic-url (just until she reaches 100 subs).