Becoming My Beta Reader

Hi there, and welcome! :)

If you’re reading this, you probably saw my tweet or post, and are thinking about being a Beta for Dust on the Altar. Thank you! While I appreciate your interest, we need to first see if we’re likely to be a good match. It’s a painless process and won’t take much time. I’ll tell you a little about my book and if it sounds good to you, just follow the link at the end to my Google Form. There you can answer a few short questions so I can see if you line up with my target audience. 

Here’s some info on my book: 

Title: Dust on the Altar   

Genre: Urban fantasy.

Target audience: Adult fantasy fans.

Logline: A reluctant Witch must regain the powers she abandoned years ago, in order to protect her coven and bring her aunt’s killer to justice.


Jade loved her life in Sun City: Their technology was cutting edge, she was right hand woman to the most powerful business owner in the country, and no one suspected she was a Witch. 

Then she finds out her aunt, High Priestess of her coven, and Jade's last remaining family member, has been murdered. As the last of her bloodline, she has no choice but to leave her beloved city life, regain the powers she abandoned years ago, and take her place as coven leader. On top of all that she has to reconcile with the best friend she left behind, who is now the man she must call partner.

But something's terribly wrong in her hometown of Sugar Hill. The coven's magic is failing, and someone has stolen the keys needed to complete the ascension ritual. Will she come to terms with her tragic past, or will she run from her responsibilities, leaving the coven exposed to the darkness?

Important Note: 

If you need any trigger warnings, please let me know in the form! I haven't listed any, but I understand some people need them. Take care of you. I will say, this is an adult novel, NOT YA. There will be some cursing, there will be death. Not as much as some stories, but be aware. 

That's it. If this sounds like the kind of book you would normally read, please follow the link below, and fill out the Google Form. Happy reading :)