My Debut Novel: Dust on the Altar

A reluctant witch must regain the powers she abandoned years ago, in order to protect her coven and bring her parent's killer to justice.

Jade was the most powerful witch to be born in her coven in generations, but when her parents are murdered she turns her back on magic and leaves her home town to start over in the city where science rules. 

Years later her aunt dies suddenly and she is called home for the reading of the will. When she returns she learns the boy she used to call friend is now the man she may have to call partner as she reluctantly steps into her predestined role as coven leader. Things get even more complicated when she learns that The Book of Shadows and the four keys needed to perform the ascension ritual have gone missing. In order to find them, Jade must come to terms with her tragic past and re-awaken her long dormant powers.

Along the way she unravels the mystery of who killed her parents and is confronted by an enemy willing to do anything to get what he wants, even sacrifice those she loves. 


"In this small town, nestled in the wild countryside, lived the memories she had tried to forget."


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