Dust on the Altar

One City ruled by technology.

One township losing its magic.

One reluctant witch could bridge the divide… or bring ruin to them both.

Dust On The Altar eBook Cover

My Slow-Growing Catalog

A Lighter Shade of darkness: Book One

A dark adult fantasy with magical witches and a touch of sci-fi. This spooky, fun read is set in an alternate Earth timeline, where cities are ruled by technology and their citizens have marginalized witches to the nearby townships.


A Dust on the Altar, short story anthology

Backstories, alternate POVs, and other fun scenes are gathered into this anthology. While the stories can be read alone, this collection make a great companion to the novel Dust on the Altar.


A Lighter Shade of Darkness: Book Two


A Lighter Shade of Darkness: Book Three


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