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Cover Reveal Day!

Dust On The Altar eBook Cover
Cover Design by Jake Clark


Yeah, I’m excited. My very first official cover, made by a professional artist, for my very first book! I think that’s something to be excited about. 

I found J Caleb through I’ll be doing a detailed blog post about Reedsy soon, but just know it’s a networking site where you can hire everything from a professional cover designer, to editor. Jake was fantastic from start to finish.

He listened to my ideas and took them farther than I could have imagined. The cover you see is nearly the first one he sent. There were only minor tweaks done to it. Each time I asked for something to be changed, he replied right away and completed it so quickly I never felt like I was waiting on him. He even let me “Try this, just to see if I like it.” and change my mind several times, without complaint.

Although I’m probably going to start with Kindle, I opted to have him do the full print cover as well. I highly recommend that. He sent a version of it without any text and it’s beautiful, a piece of art in itself.

So let me know what you think.

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