Cover Sneak Peek And Update: Apr-May

Well, there it is. Just a small edge of the amazing work my cover designer has done. I hope that doesn’t give too much away or spoil the reveal but I’m so excited about how this cover is turning out, I just had to share a little peek. I still have a couple tweaks I’m working out with my designer. I’m hoping to have it all ironed out by this weekend so I can reveal the whole thing then.

In the meantime, here’s what’s been happening the last couple months:

I’ve been suffering from more migraines than usual, so I haven’t done as much research as I wanted to (or blog posting). I’m hoping to change that this month, (pain willing) and find out as much as I can about publishing on the various Amazon Kindle platforms, as well as what’s involved in paperback printing.

Another thing that has held me back in May was, I’m still waiting on word that my D.B.A. (Doing Business As) license has been approved. It should be any day now, so I’m trying not to think about it too much. Unfortunately, until that comes through I don’t officially have a publishing house, which means I can’t apply for a unique ISBN, which means a few other things can’t happen yet, as well. *sigh. Starting to think I should have titled this post “What I haven’t done lately” 

The good news is, I’ve been really active on Twitter and finally starting to post on Facebook.

I’ve also put Dust on the Altar up on Goodreads (with the old temporary cover, for now) so If you’ve been following me you can add it to your “to read” list or whatever. 

The news I’m most excited about is, I’ve received my first beta feedback! She loved it! I’m really glad but now I’m looking forward to hearing something bad about it. Weird, I know. But I’m no Steven King or J. K. Rowling, and I’ll never pretend to be. I look up to them but I’m me, I’ll make mistakes. The only way I can get better is if someone points those mistakes out to me, hopefully using some tact and offering possible fixes.

Guess that’s it for now. Sorry I went so long between posts. Still working on what my next post should be about. If you have any suggestions leave a comment below or tweet me @mwinklerbooks 

Happy reading.

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