This page lists some of my favorite authors, products, and services. Have a look around and click through to check some of them out. I won't list anyone I don't follow, or anything I don't use myself. None of these are sponsors... yet. ;)


Emily Hornburg


Emily, My first Critique Partner, reads an impressive number of books every year. Her website chronicles her reading as well as her own writing journey and flash fiction stories.

Megan Tennant


Megan is the creator of Indiecember, the yearly reading challenge which helps bring exposure to indie authors. Her YouTube channel is always both entertaining and educational, with topics relevant to authors.

Products and Services

National Novel Writing Month


NaNoWriMo is both a yearly competition and nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting "...writing fluency and education."

If you think you can't write 50,000 words in 30 days, you should give it a try. 





Scrivener is a software tool that helps organize and make sense of your story. It's like having a three ring binder, daily planner, file system, and cork-board all in one digital place. There's so many features it can be overwhelming, so I suggest going through the tutorial that comes with it.

$49 standard MacOS licence

$45 Standard Windows licence

World Anvil


World Anvil is an online world building tool and community, with: maps, character profiles, timelines, articles and more. Originally designed for RPG, they have expanded to include features for both writers and pure creatives. 


Basic version is Free

For extra features including making world private, memberships start at $4.50



Skillshare is an online learning platform for creatives. Classes are broken into 10 minute sessions so they're easy to do on your own time. They cover all kinds of subjects like: creative writing, web development, film and video, as well as business, marketing, and more.


There's lots of free classes but...

Going premium is only $19 a month to take unlimited classes, ad free.

If you want 2 Free Months of Premium (and give me a free month) use this link: https://skl.sh/2rjqP52


If you know a writerly product or service I should check out, tell me about it below. Email is required for security, but I will NOT use it to spam you.

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