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People of interest

Author of Aletheia, and Cloud kitten momma

Megan Tennant

This fabulous woman is a whirlwind of talent covered in cat hair and laughter. Her YouTube channel is always both entertaining and educational, covering topics relevant to writers. 

She has the reader side covered with Indiecember, the annual reading challenge she created in 2018 which supports  indie-authors. Through her kindness and generosity, Megan has attracted a community of writers that feel like family.

Megan Tennant picture

Author | Youtuber | Cyborg

Jenna Moreci

Fierce, feisty, and friggin hilarious; Jenna’s Youtube channel dishes tough love for authors amidst f-bombs and comedy. Her tips on both the creative and business side of writing are always on point.

With two self-published novels under her belt, and a third on the way, Jenna’s developed her indie-author brand to superstar status. 

Witty, romantic fantasy with just enough edge

Emily Hornburg

Proving dreams do come true, Emily scored a publishing deal with City Owl Press for the launch of her debut novel, The Night’s Chosen. 

Emily also reads an impressive number of books every year. Her website chronicles her reading as well as her own writing journey and flash fiction stories.

Professional editor

Jenn Jarrett

With more than 7 years experience writing and editing, I was happy Jenn agreed to help me with my book cover blurb. Not only did she do a great job pointing out things that needed fixing, but she explained why without sounding bossy or overbearing. She also pointed out what she liked with enthusiasm to match my own.

Book blogger

Krista Filomeno

Krista runs the cutest book blog on the web. Just look at that little hedgehog over there. The purple hedgehog theme extends to her rating system, with each star held by one of the little smiling creatures. She reads a wide variety of books and lists content warnings right up front. 

I was so thrilled when she not only agreed to be a stop on my blog tour, but her review of my book was 4 1/2 HedgeStars!

Digital Products & Services

The Alliance of Independent Authors (Alli)

I can’t say enough good things about Alli. It has been such a lifesaver for me. Benefits include: access to expert advice, free books and resources, discounts, and my favorite: waving Ingram Spark’s publishing fees. That alone makes the membership fee worth it. There’s also a Facebook group where I know I’ll have any question answered quickly.

(by clicking the link, I’ll earn a small finder’s fee with no extra cost to you.)


Scrivener is a software tool that helps organize and make sense of your story. It’s like having a three-ring binder, daily planner, file system, and cork-board all in one digital place. There’s so many features it can be overwhelming, so I suggest going through the tutorial that comes with it.

(By clicking the link, I’ll earn a small finder’s fee with no extra cost to you.)

National Novel Writing Month

NaNoWriMo is both a yearly competition and nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting “…writing fluency and education.”


It allows you complete freedom to design your site however you want with no ads unless you put them there. The cost for that depends on who you get your hosting and domain through. 

World Anvil

World Anvil is an online world building tool and community, with: maps, character profiles, timelines, articles and more. Originally designed for RPG, they have expanded to include features for both writers and pure creatives. 


Skillshare is an online learning platform for creatives. Classes are broken into 10 minute sessions so they’re easy to do on your own time. They cover all kinds of subjects like: creative writing, web development, film and video, as well as business, marketing, and more.