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“Positivity, passion, and perserverance.”

From the ground up, Mariposa Bookworks is an indie-author owned company committed to the idea that there’s room for everyone at the publishing table, traditional and self-published alike.

Our first author, Michelle Winkler, is also the CEO and founder of Mariposa Bookworks. 

We value hard work and independence, as well as creativity and kindness. Our goal is to guide each author on their own unique path to published, while teaching them the skills and sharing the knowledge they need to create the best book they can.

Dust on the Altar

Michelle Winkler’s debut novel.

Dust on the Altar is a dark urban fantasy with magical witches and a touch of sci-fi. This adult novel is set in an alternate Earth timeline, where cities are ruled by technology and their citizens have marginalized witches to the townships, where they can practice magic with little fear of reprisal. Jade, a reluctant witch, must reconnect to the powers she abandoned decades ago, to save her coven and bring her aunt’s killer to justice.

Dust on the Altar is so much more than an urban fantasy tale. It is also a story of friendship, faith, and overcoming fear.”

-Tabitha, Behind The Pages Blog.

Available now at retailers everywhere.

We are currently working hard to improve our knowledge of independent publishing, and plan to offer self-publishing services to other authors soon.

Future Services Include

Self-Publishing Assistance

Whether it’s choosing a cover designer, or finding the right beta readers, we’ll guide you in making choices that will set your book up for success.

Mentorship Program

By matching up new and soon-to-be authors with their more experienced peers, we’ll build a community of support and encouragement.

Publishing House

As our company becomes financially stable, we hope to offer a full range of publishing services for select clients.