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Update: Hello and Goodbye

I’ve decided to make a difficult decision: I’m putting my blog on hold temporarily.

You may have noticed my lack of posting since March. That’s mostly because I’ve been struggling with my book. I say mostly because I also have had more migraines than usual, which easily throws a wrench in my schedule and thought process.

Being an independent author, I don’t have a publishing house holding deadlines over my head. I do however have some commitments waiting on this book to be finished.

Rather than continue struggling, I think it’s best if I focus on getting my book, and my migraines, under control. During this time, I will continue to research and write posts, so that by the time I’m ready to return to weekly posting, I’ll have a backlog of articles so that the occasional migraine won’t stop the uploads. I may also reduce my time on Twitter, but I will check in at least once a day to see what’s up. I hope you understand.

In the meantime, so I don’t leave you hanging, and in the spirit of writers supporting writers, I’ve linked below to a few authors who’s blogs I follow. Please check them out and let them know MWinklerBooks sent you 

Emily Hornburg
Writing, Reading, and Life
Emily reads a ton of books. She averages an impressive 7 to 12 a month. She gives reviews on all of them on her blog, as well as writing tips, and flash fiction.

Emma Rose Hollands
For reading. For writing. For words.
Book reviews, articles on writing, author interviews, and more.

Lydia Schoonmaker
Writer- Student- Blogger
Writing tips and life lessons.

Kim M. Watt
“Here Be Dragons. And Cats, And Other Magical Creatures.”
Book reviews, life lessons, and a lovely dragon named Beaufort Scales.

K.M. Weiland
Her site has everything you need to “…show you how to write your best story- change your life-and astound the world.” She has articles on everything from outlining and story structure, to character arcs and writing tips.

I know this is a relatively short list. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered, or rather Emma has you covered. Up above I listed Emma Rose Holland as a blogger. She also put together a HUGE list of bookish blogs, over 100 in all. Her Book Blogger Directory lists blog titles alphabetically from A to Z. Be sure to bookmark it and you’ll have a resource for future blog wanderings.

Happy reading/writing

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